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Borzoi Working ... Doesn't that sound better than under construction?

The problem with rely on borzoi to do your work is their short attention spans. (yeah right) After a little work, borzoi seem to think there are better things to do. But if its their own idea, it is a mission from God!

Don't ever confuse the short attention spans for lack of memory. They know where every toy is hidden, when they put it there, and if anyone else has touch it.

You watch borzoi course anything that strays into their play area -- lizards, butterflies OH NO! the neighbor's cat. At a lure course they look like they have step onto another planet.

You wonder if their hearing is beginning to fail. They need extra coaxing to heed your call. Then watch the pack appear all eager and anxious from the far side outdoors -- you just openned a box of biscuits or other treats.

Line Rainbow

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